NB teen becomes amabassador for healthy kids

Shayna Underwood, 17, starts outdoor recreation club

By Mariza Mendoza - Reporter

NEW BRAUNFELS - We all know living a healthy lifestyle is a choice, but imagine learning that at an early age.

There's a New Braunfels teen who's teaching her peers how to do that and much more.

Her name is Shayna Underwood, and she's 17 and a high school senior at New Braunfels High School. Last year she started an outdoor recreation club at her school.

"You don't have to be on the football team or anything. If you're in band, you don't have to be in anything at all, you just come outside and have fun," said Underwood.

Her love for the outdoors made her the perfect youth ambassador for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.  She's one of only 20 young people selected across the country. Their mission is to stop child obesity by learning how to eat right and to exercise.

"Going out as a family and having a fun time, it gets them already in a good mindset for having physical activity. I think it's a good way to start young," said Underwood.

The biggest challenge Shayna has is motivating teens and finding time for fitness. She said at least an hour a day will make a huge difference in your life. Just ask her friend Jacob Paullus.

"I use to sit around a lot, and play a lot of video games, I felt pretty bad about myself ," said Paullus.

Jacob is part of the outdoor recreational club. He said it's allowed him to try new things. 

"We stay healthy and we get our daily dose of sunlight … it keeps us active, it keeps us doing things that keep us out of trouble," said Paullus.

And Shayna believes making these small changes will pay off big in the end.

"Mainly giving those habits at a young age to get kids active and have those habits for the rest of their lives," said Underwood.

"When I at least go outside and do something fun for part of the day, I feel awesome, I encourage everyone else to do the same thing to feel better," said Paullus.

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