Residents in one San Antonio neighborhood are feeling a little less Christmas spirit this year after losing one of their most spirited neighbors. 

Ed Clark was an icon in the neighborhood on Short Horn. His house was covered with lights and decorations inside and out.

When he died at the age of 89, he had been decorating his house consistently since 1983.

“It was just beautiful. He would always have carolers out here and music playing the day before Christmas. It was neat. It really brightened up our Christmas and (put) us in the spirit," said Tammy Pacheco, a neighbor of Clark’s.

Pacheco said the adults enjoyed it but the kids really appreciated the lights and his kindness.

“My granddaughter loves coming over here at Christmas. Running outside, (she) couldn't wait to see the lights every night," Pacheco said. "He was such a nice gentleman. He passed out candy to the kids. It was just a neat feeling."

Another neighbor said he enjoyed the lights and the Christmas spirit, but that Clark was more the just the neighbor with all those lights.

“I used to have a dog I would walk. He would come out and we would sit out there and we would talk. He was a nice old guy," said Brian VaiVada.

VaiVada said he will not only miss Clark, but also his spirit.

"A lot of people enjoyed the lights and stuff like that and now they are gone," he said.

VaiVada was actually working on his own Christmas lights when he commented on Clark. He pointed to where a star will go on his own house, saying he plans on keeping that neighborhood spirit -- and Clark's -- alive.

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