Parents and school officials at Lopez Middle School are on high alert after a student claimed two masked men tried to get him into their van.

"A student says he was in his neighborhood before school when a van stopped, a man got out wearing a mask, and that man tried to get him into the van," said NEISD district spokeswoman Aubrey Chancellor.

The student, an eight-grader, took off running in the opposite direction.

He immediately notified an adult.

Both SAPD and NEISD police are investigating the incident.

The district is also increasing patrols and are asking  parents to talk to students about stranger danger.

"The first and foremost (is) parents need to talk to their kids about (not talking) to strangers. Walk in groups. Let your mom and dad know your route home so if you don't get home, they know where to look for you," Chancellor said.

The student claims the men were in a dark green or black van. The student was not physically harmed.

To read the letter sent home to parents alerting them to the situation, click here (PDF).