A Wetmore Elementary School fourth-grader took a disabled training grenade to school Monday, North East ISD school officials said.

“Obviously it caused a lot of fear, confusion,” said Aubrey Chancellor, NEISD spokeswoman.

She said the grenade was a souvenir that belonged to the child’s grandfather, but his family was unaware he had brought it to school.

Chancellor said the student first showed it to his teacher about 9:45 a.m., who then took it to the principal.

She said district police were immediately notified. Also summoned was the San Antonio bomb squad, which disposed of the inoperable device.

Chancellor said although the 9-year-old meant no harm, he must still face “appropriate disciplinary action.” She did not elaborate.

Chancellor said no evacuations were necessary, students and staff were never in any danger and school operations continued as normal.

In an email to parents, Principal Jeffrey Owens wrote them, "We are taking the proper security measures to ensure that this sort of incident does not occur again on our campus.”