It's far from the natural habitat of the king of the jungle but residents in New Berlin, Texas, are on the lookout for an African lion.

"I've been a little freaked out about it," said resident Sylvia Kelso. "Just keeping a watchful eye. Keeping the rifle ready."

While there have been no sightings and no proof, rumors have run rampant and there are plenty of theories.

Dennis Moehrig, a New Berlin resident, said, "I guess somebody could get a lion like that as a pet, maybe, and turn it loose."

"Maybe they just mistook it for a really big bobcat or something," said Christine Warzecha.

While the possibility of an African lion in New Berlin may sound farfetched, strange things have happened before. 

For example, in the past, crocodiles were found in the Guadalupe River.

"Anything's possible," said Moehrig, "I didn't think there were javelinas around here but there are."

According to Guadalupe County Sheriff Arnold Zwicke, there's nothing to worry about.  He said it's all just a rumor that started on Facebook.

He said the problem's been taken care of

"We had Tarzan come and remove it and it's now safe back in Africa," he joked.

While it may all be joke, the tale of the African lion continues to grow.

"It's probably like a chupacabra, but I'll keep my eyes open," said Warzecha.

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