An initiative to build San Antonio's next crop of computer programmers kicked off Tuesday.

Experts from Geekdom are heading up Codeup, a nine-week boot camp aimed at getting would-be programmers up to speed on the field.

The founders of Codeup had said it had been hard to find developers to hire for their own companies, and finally decided they would create the next base of developers to train and hire.

"It's very hard for me to find developers to hire," said Jason Straughan, the chief technical officer and co-founder of Codeup. "If we could open a school where we could train developers and then hire them. That was how Codeup was formed," said Straughan.

According to Straughan, it's all about enriching San Antonio's tech industry.

"Not only does it bring more developers for our companies, but it brings that back to San Antonio and we love seeing that tech industry in San Antonio grow here at Geekdom," said Straughan.

The commitment is somewhat rigorous, with programmers learning code Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., for nine straight weeks.

"I think we are all making a big sacrifice," said Codeup student Jaime Vlasco. "But I think it's something that is going to change all of our lives in a very good way, and hopefully will be something that San Antonio as a whole will benefit from."

Vlasco told KSAT he was focusing solely on his Codeup boot camp and opting to take time off from working.

The student base ranges from ages 18 to 51. There are 30 students in Codeup's inaugural boot camp, with different backgrounds. A third of the class is women.

Codeup has more than thirty corporate partners they have connected with in order to provide support for students in their job searches.

In fact, they're so confident their program will work, they've offered a tuition refund if the program graduates do not get a good job offer within the first six months after the completion of the course.

The next boot camp begins on April 22. If you'd like to apply, visit Codeup's website at