Even though the sign posted $3.14 for a gallon of gas, Cathy Logan was paying $3.04.

She was taking advantage of one of the money-saving programs some retailers offer that slash a dime or more off the price of a gallon.

"'A penny saved is a penny earned.' You know that old saying?" she said filling up at the Murphy USA just of Interstate 35 at Walnut.

HEB's program drops the price 12 cents a gallon when customers use the store's preloaded discount card.

So, instead of $3.14, Ashley Lopez was paying $3.02 at the Walnut Ave. pumps.

"I can fill my car for about $20," she said. 

Even without the discounts, motorists are paying 40 cents less per gallon than one year ago. So, an average tank of gas is costing about $8 less than a year ago.

That's cash Darrell Lindsey, who pumped $70 in fuel into his pickup, could use in his pocket.

"You can do a lot with that," Lindsey said.

"(I would) buy a dozen eggs and milk, whatever we can," said HEB customer Joe Balbo, who was using the 12-cent discount card.

The average price in the San Antonio area is $3.28 a gallon, according to AAA. 

While it's unusual for March and April, the price at the pump has been falling. Oil is cheaper than it was a  year ago. Spring demand has also been at a five-year low.

Industry analysts expect the slide to continue with prices falling another 15 to 20 cents a gallon by Memorial Day.

"Everybody's going to be dancing if we get below $3," Lopez said.

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