New Braunfels -

New Braunfels Utilities is warning customers that an email utility bill scam is going around and they should exercise caution to avoid becoming a victim. 

A customer received an email from Energy Billing System that had a bogus account number and billing amount with instructions to click on a link to view. 

“Knowing that their account was up-to-date and that the billing information in the email was incorrect, they contacted us to share this potential scam," said NBU Communications Manager Gretchen Reuwer.

Customers can sign up to receive electronic utility bills from NBU, and these are sent in an email from

Whether it is an attempt to spread a virus or to obtain a payment through fraudulent methods, the email received by this customer is the latest in a series of potential scams that NBU has learned about recently. 

Often scammers ask for personal account information or threaten to disconnect service if immediate payment is not made by prepaid credit or debit card. 

In some cases, scammers have even falsified their caller ID to reflect a utility company’s name.”

By calling the NBU Customer Service Division at 830-629-8400 during regular business hours on Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., a customer can confirm their account status. If a customer receives a suspicious call or contact after hours, they can call NBU Dispatch at 830-608-8800 for assistance.

Customers should report attempted scams to local law enforcement by calling 830- 221-4100. They also can notify the Texas Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division by calling toll free at 1-800-252-8011.