The Witte Museum will soon transform the HEB Science Tree House into the new HEB Body Adventure.

The $5 million project will be the first interactive health experience in the U.S.

"This is a perfect storm for a sedentary lifestyle and processed foods and that's one of the struggles we all have living in this modern society, so to combat that, we are offering a healthy, exciting way to be in the world," said Witte Museum President and CEO Marise McDermott.

McDermott says the new exhibit will teach children about their bodies, exercise and nutrition.

"You'll be able to ride a bike. You'll be able to get an energy score on running across the floor. You'll be able to relax your mind and move balls with your mind," said McDermott. "Mind over matter."

The HEB Science Tree will shut down starting Jan. 6.

The HEB Body Adventure will open its doors to the public starting May 24.