In order to enter the San Antonio Police Academy as a cadet, candidates must first prove a certain level of physical fitness.

On Wednesday, more than two dozen candidates were put through a new fitness test at the training academy.

The point of the test is to mimic real-world conditions out in the field.

"It's very job-related. It's what's going to be expected of them, possibly, when they are out in the field if they are an officer. This is just a bit of what they are going to expect in the academy. So they are going to have to train that much harder," said SAPD Officer Yvonne Padilla.

Gone are the standards for push-ups and sit-ups -- and the candidates seemed to appreciate it.

"Push-ups? I'm not going to be doing that when I'm chasing someone down. Jumping over a wall? Oh, yeah. Extra pounds with gear on? Yeah. So this was good," said SAPD candidate Josh Bodenbach.

Gone, too, are the two different standards for male and female candidates.

"Because when you are out in the field, there are no standards. It's all the same. You do the same job," said SAPD Officer Roger Zuniga.

The female candidates didn't seem to have a problem with the singular standard.

"It shows you where you are at. Makes you want to work out more. I know I do. It's hard," said SAPD candidate Beatriz Morales.

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Images: SAPD recruits put to new test

Published On: Oct 30 2013 02:00:09 PM CDT
New obstacle course measures real world police work movements

Recruits seeking a career with the San Antonio Police Department are put to a new PAT test for the first time in the department's history. Instead of using traditional exercises like sit ups and push ups with different qualification times by gender, the new testing procedure measures real world police work movements in an obstacle course with the same time requirements regardless of gender.

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