Twelve Judson High school graduates just became the first in the country to complete internship for high school students.

They are on the way to becoming radiological technicians.

"I've had so many injuries due to sports, and I would have to go in getting X-rays and MRIs and CT scans. I've had a lot of experience with it, so I thought maybe I should learn how to do it," said James Garcia, who recently completed his internship.

The internship program involved classroom instruction from teacher Michael Wray and hours in five area clinics that agreed to partnerships with Judson High School.

Wray created the program and called his students pioneers.

"I did a lot of research trying to find similar programs around the country, and at the high school level, I couldn't find anyone," he said.

Instead, he referenced college curriculums. The rigorous course might have been more than the 70 students who applied for the program were expecting.

"A lot of people were just very, very excited about taking pictures of bones and so forth. A lot of people don't know that it's more than just taking pictures of bones," Wray said.

"It's anatomy -- all this different positioning, the controlling factors, how you expose a patient, all the precautions you need," said Laura Renninger, who recently completed the program.

The interns recently completed two days of exams, and every one of them passed with a 97 percent class average.

Now all of the graduates are looking for jobs in the real world and registering with the state and licensing board, or they're preparing for even more medical education in college.

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