Starting next week, Texas drivers will no longer have to search their wallets, purses and vehicles for a piece of paper if they get pulled over by officers.

Beginning Sept. 1, Texas drivers can use their phones or other wireless communication devices to prove they're insured.

"We get busy in life and we forget to put the new one in the car," said SAPD officer Roger Zuniga. "So to have access to that electronic version can be very handy."

SAPD officer Roger Zuniga said the new rule gives drivers another way to comply with the law that requires them to carry insurance.

"If you don't have proof of financial responsibility your vehicle can be impounded until you do show proof," Zuniga said.

Insurance groups that lobbied for the law here and in other states believe 'e-cards' can reduce the length of traffic stops and speed up lines at license bureaus and registration offices.

If you're worried about handing over your phone to an officer because of privacy concerns don't fret, showing your digital proof of insurance doesn't give officers a right to snoop through your device.

"The officer is just supposed to look at the insurance device only," Zuniga said. "It doesn't give them access to start scrolling through you're whole device."

Even with the ability to show proof digitally, Zuniga advises drivers to keep a current hard copy of your proof of insurance within reach, just in case your device doesn't work when you need it to.

"It never hurts to have more than one proof of whatever you're doing," Zuniga said. "Just to have that proof, the extra proof, just solidifies everything." 

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