Texas Department of Transportation work crews are very happy to see a new state law go into effect Sept. 1.

Work crews fixing signs, pot holes or guardrails have been left virtually unprotected from potentially dangerous traffic situations.

The new law will require drivers to slow down 20 miles under the posted speed limit or move over a lane when they approach a TxDOT work crew on the shoulder.

“Working in a situation where the people are driving 75 mph, you never know who is going to cut into our closure. You never know what’s going to happen,” said Ernest Edgehouse, who has been with TxDOT for 30 years.

He also knows about close calls.

In 1989, Edgehouse was working on Interstate 10 at Vance Jackson when he got hit.

"A guy was rubbernecking, lost control and hit me up on the median," said Edgehouse, who suffered temporary memory loss and missed a couple of days of work. “I (am) lucky to be here today."

Since the late 1930s, more than 100 TxDOT employees have been killed.

The latest happened this past June, when a worker was killed in El Paso as he hung a sign.

“Just like anyone else who wants to get home to see their families, we want our employees to get home safely also," said TxDOT spokeswoman Laura Lopez.

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