Some new renderings are out for a tower that would sit above the 125-year-old Joske's building.

An old plan had critics raging that the massive 24-story tower would overwhelm Alamo Plaza.

The city's Historic Design and Review Commission just received the new set of plans on Tuesday for a proposed L-shape tower that would sit above the Joske's building.

The commission's director, Shanon Miller, said they are reviewing, but that so far, there has been more positive feedback for the recent renderings than the older renderings.

"The general consensus on the part of the committee is that the design is a clear improvement over what was presented before," said Miller. "And that obviously the design team has spent a great deal of time and effort working on the design and thinking of what might be appropriate."

The first set of renderings for the tower was made by another group and had raised concerns of overshadowing Alamo Plaza.

However, Madison Smith, with Overland Architects, said they worked to address the concerns with old group's renderings by bringing down the size of the tower to 10 stories on the side that faces Alamo Plaza.

"The issue for us is how do we do that in a way that we can create new places that become as beloved to us as the old places that we are trying to protect," said Smith. "It's got to be both."

The space would possibly house a hotel, along with other restaurants and businesses, which is good news for most residents KSAT crews talked to on Wednesday.

"I think it's great," said Roger Valdez. "We do need more hotels here and the one above  Joske's, that would be great."

"We can always use more hotels downtown, especially during Fiesta time," said Gary Heinz. "We are the number one convention city in the United States."

Another resident, who did not want to be identified said, "If it overshadows the Alamo, no, that's history."

Miller said while these renderings are better, there is still some questions about the overall scale and the relationship to some of the landmarks, like St. Joseph's Church next door.

The full commission will review the plans at a meeting set for May 1.

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