The new San Antonio Pets Alive facility, located across the street from the zoo, is already enjoying the benefits of a new, up-to-date adoption center and location.

Since they facility opened about three weeks ago, they have already adopted out more than 100 dogs and cats and are moving in the direction towards the organization's ultimate goal.

“Getting this facility and being able to manage this facility was a huge step forward to get us to a no-kill (status),” said SAPA's Clare Joscelyne.

Joscelyne said they can save as many as 3,000 more pets due of the new center.

The center houses an additional  45-50 dogs and another 30 cats.

When prospective adopters come into the facility, they will find more space to move around. 

The cats and kittens are located in their own special area with windows so they can see outside. Some can sit on the windowsill, just as if they were in a home.

The puppies have their own puppy place. They have several kennels with a window.

“When the public actually walks on the sidewalk, they can see the puppies playing through the window,” Joscelyne said.

That window-shopping could lead to adopting.

There are indoor/outdoor runs in the big dog section. Workers open a door and the dogs can go out and enjoy some fresh air.

Then there is are real unique feature: A dog-run about four yards long and five yards wide. It can be divided into four runs. Families can play with a dog in the run and see how well they get along.

“(They can) see how the dog interacts off the leash with the entire family,” Joscelyne said. "It really help our chances of getting the dogs adopted."

The entire facility is geared towards making healthier and happier pets.

“I think it really helps with their health and just their overall well-being while they are waiting here on their forever home,” Joscelyne said.

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