A warrant task force put together by the Bexar County Precinct 3 constables office was assigned to patrol the roadways near the rodeo starting Thursday.

"Whenever we have large numbers of people, that's the ideal area for automated license plate readers to come into use because they can check approximately 3,600 license plates in an hour," said Precinct 3 Constable Mark Vojvodich.

The task force uses license plate readers to identify and arrest people with felony class A, B and C misdemeanors.

"We urge people who have warrants out, who are going to attend the rodeo, to either turn themselves in, take care of it and make bond. Or if they have JP warrants, come to JP 3 and pay their warrants," Vojvodich said.

The task force has three ALPR police vehicles, also known as automated license plate recognition systems, and one ALPR trailer.

The rodeo may not be the only big event they plan to use it for.

"We're looking at Fiesta. Also we want to look at any kind of event. We want to make sure the wrong kind of people aren't there," Vojvodich said.

According to Vojvodich, 700 arrests have been made because of the ALPR in the last year, including 30 since the readers were put in place at the rodeo on Thursday.