Sitting around in a waiting room can sometimes be not only boring but inconvenient.

A new technology now exists that will allow you to wait for your turn wherever you want.

Local business Impact Urgent Care is now using something the Qless system.

You simply log on to their website to reserve a spot in line to see a physician.

When it gets close to your turn in line, you'll receive a text message to head to the office. That way you don't have to spend time in the waiting room.

"That way it minimizes the total amount of time they have to spend in the clinic and certainly, any waiting that they have to do in the reception area because they are notified when they are next in line," said Dr. Evan Ratner, a physician at Impact Urgent Care.

The system even has flexibility if something comes up while you are waiting for your turn.

"If (someone waiting) gets texted and they are next in line, but they are in the middle of something and they can't come for an hour, they actually have options to just kind of move themselves down one in a line, so that even if they miss exactly the right time, they're still not going to be kicked to the bottom of the list," said Ratner.

Ratner says that makes for happier patients.

Other businesses are starting to use the Qless system.

Look for the system when using services at the Texas Department of Public Safety Mega-Centers for renewals of driver's licenses and other motor vehicle related services.

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