Many New Year's revelers sought out comfort food for relief the morning after a big night of celebration.
Eric Lerma said he did what you'd expect from a reveler.
"A lot of drinking and watching fireworks," he said.
But Lerma said he paid the price when he awoke New Year's Day.
"A headache, yeah, but once I got my taco in me, I started to feel better," Lerma said.
But it wasn't just any taco.
"It had rice and chorizo and potato and beans and cheese in it. Oh, man!," Lerma said.
After a hard night of partying, Lerma and his friends went to Rolando's Super Tacos in the 900 block of West Hildebrand, a restaurant known for its iconic 12-inch flour tortillas.
Actually what Rachel Laven needed more was sympathy, since she was unable to get beyond that first bite of her giant taco.
"I'm the one at the table (who) probably has the worst hangover," Laven said.
Still, longtime owner Rolando Rodarte said his tacos and a favorite hangover staple were in huge demand the first morning of 2014.
"OK, go for the menudo!" Rodarte says he tells his customers when they ask him for the best hangover food remedy.
The spicy blend of tripe, onions and serrano peppers was more of a welcomed taste of home for Delaney Cate.
"I miss it. I live in Baltimore, now," Cate said.
Rodarte said it's no wonder.
"Menudo with flour tortillas. It's good!" he said.

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