A newborn baby boy was found in a dumpster in southeast Houston.

Houston police said the baby was found around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday in a Dumpster in the parking lot of an apartment complex in the 9900 block of Windmill Lakes.

Officials said a worker at the Reserves at Windmill Lakes complex thought he heard a cat in the Dumpster, but when he opened the trash bag, he found the baby inside. He held the baby while other workers called 911.

"I was going to the back of the property on the golf cart and I saw Karl carrying something in his hands," said Ricky Ramirez.

Officials said firefighters rushed the baby to Memorial Hermann Hospital in an unknown condition, but he is expected to survive.

Police are now looking for the person who left the newborn baby to die.

"She needs to go to jail and serve her time for her child," a neighbor told KPRC-TV.

Items found in the same bag as the baby may provide police with clues as to who is responsible.

Houston police officers were seen entering a nearby apartment after no one answered the door. The apartment is now surrounded by crime scene tape.

Story courtesy of Click2Houston.com, a sister website of KSAT.com.