San Antonio police are investigating the death of a baby boy as "suspicious."

Police and paramedics were called to a house in the 5000 block of Casa Verda after 10 p.m. on Sunday by a witness who believed the child had drowned.

The 9-month-old child was reportedly found wrapped tightly in wet blankets in his crib. However, paramedics discovered the baby had been dead for some time.

"Right now, we're not sure of the cause of death, so we're treating it as a crime scene," said San Antonio police Sgt. Marc Ebinger.

It's not clear how long the baby had been dead before anyone called for help, but according to a police report, the body had already been showing signs of rigor mortis when paramedics arrived.

Neighbors say they often saw the child's mother with her three children and were heartbroken to find out the youngest had died.

"I hate to think that a child would have to suffer if it was a the hands of the mother, or it was just an accident. I was torn because I have my own four kids, so it was hard," said neighbor Gina Keith

The child's mother, a friend and the baby's grandmother were at the home when paramedics arrived. They were all taken in for questioning by police.

The child's cause of death is still pending and under investigation by Child Protective Services.

Mary Walker, with CPS, said the children had previously been under a safety plan through CPS.

The plan is not a court order, but an agreement which requires the children to be watched over by a relative or close friend. That person usually lives with the children.

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