The eve of Thanksgiving just happens to be one of biggest pizza-selling days of the year. 

According to, Super Bowl Sunday, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and the day before Thanksgiving are the top five of the year.

“I can believe it," said Steven Florio, owner of Florio’s in Alamo Heights.

He said the phones ring constantly with people placing orders for pickup or delivery and the reason is very simple.

“Nobody wants to cook because we are cooking tomorrow, all day," said Lee Saunders, who stopped by Volare’s on Broadway to pick up a couple of pizzas.

Even though there are many choices when it comes to pizza, there is one you will probably will not find on the menu: turkey.

"No, we tried it one day. We did the cranberry sauce, all the stuff, but that is the last thing people want to eat before thanksgiving,” said Frank Haksviel, owner of Fralo’s in Leon Springs.

Of course, pizza translates into convenience.

“We get so involved in the cooking and we have plates and dishes everywhere on Thanksgiving Day, so we don't want to mess with any of that so it's paper plates and pizza boxes," said Emily Perry, picking up a pizza for her mom.

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