A West Bexar County man who fired shots at car burglars outside his home is not expected to face any criminal charges, according to Bexar County sheriff’s investigators.

Deputies responded to that man’s home in the 700 block of Campion Red around 4:30 a.m. Friday.

They said he told them he looked out his window after hearing a noise and spotted at least one person inside his van, which was parked in his driveway.

The man told deputies he went outside and attempted to stop the criminals, who were inside their getaway car, described as a white Kia Rio.

He told them he fired several shots when they attempted to run him down, deputies said.

Investigators were not sure immediately whether any of the shots hit the burglars or their car.

They said they planned to monitor local hospitals closely, in case anyone showed up seeking treatment of a gunshot wound.

"It's just sad that you work hard for what you work for and you want to have nice things, and then people come by and want to take what you worked for,” said Reginald Bazemore, a neighbor of the man.

Bazemore said he also sits on the homeowners association board for the Amherst subdivision, and has noticed an increase in various crimes there lately.

He said the group has been focusing on ways to solve the problem.

"We've had meetings to try and curb this,” he said. “I'm on the (citizens on patrol) program. We have a neighborhood watch program.”

Still, Bazemore said, none of their efforts seem to be enough.

He said he’s encouraging his neighbors to be more vigilant about noticing and reporting crime.

"If you see something try to stop it. If not, protect yourself and don't get hurt over it," Bazemore said.

This was one of at least three similar incidents that happened this week.

On Monday, a man who lives a few miles away shot two would-be burglars outside his home on River Village Street.

San Antonio police said the man told them he came home and found them and a third man inside his garage.

He said he fired the shots after they plowed through his garage door.

Two days later, officers, shot one man and arrested two others who they said had kicked in the door of a home in the 8700 block of Timber Point.

According to sheriff’s investigators, the burglars in the latest case, on Campion Red, got away with tools from the homeowner’s van.

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