Officials with the North East Independent School District say cameras on their school buses caught nearly 600 drivers ignore bus stop signs since last Spring.

The district placed cameras on the outside of seven buses last spring to determine how many times drivers would ignore stop sign as children were getting on or off buses. The number of violations as of Monday night was 598.

The district now hopes to put the exterior cameras on all of its roughly 400 buses. However, the city needs to pass an ordinance which would allow the company that provides the cameras to monitor them, and then allow police to issue citations.

"Unfortunately, there are so many violations every single day there just are not enough police officers to enforce it. The cameras would really give us that opportunity. We don't want to change the law, we just want to enforce the law that is already there," said NEISD Spokesperson Aubrey Chancellor. 

Installing cameras would not cost the district any money. The company that provides them would get 70 percent of the revenue generated from the tickets issued. The school district and SAPD would split the remaining 30 percent.

NEISD officials expect the city council to consider the ordinance sometime this month.