It has been less than a month since Bradley Middle School’s historic learning center, Mills Spring Cabin, was vandalized.

During that time the school and surrounding community have raised more than $10,000 to restore the piece of living Texas history that gives students an opportunity to experience what life was like for early settlers in the lone star state.

On Saturday the school held a fundraiser to continue to raise money for the restoration and to make security upgrades.

“They smashed cabinets, tore up maps and things, tagged inside, and they stole several small items,” said Texas history teacher Mike Bailey. “We fund everything ourselves. We get no district funding. The community saw what happened so they came out in droves to make sure this program got back on its feet.”

The graffiti has been cleaned, the display cases have been replaced and a mural depicting the final hours of the Alamo has been restored.

Leading the fundraising charge have been students who opened a lemonade stand and sold sausages outside HEB.

“I just was sort of angered that someone could do this,” Harrison Wissle-Littmann. “Nobody wanted to see it vandalized and so everyone just wanted to get together and restore it to its former glory.”

The school plans to hold a grand re-opening for Mills Spring Cabin in the near future.