Northeast ISD parent becomes first in SA to see her child's STAAR test

Amy Cline reviewed daughters actual test booklet, answer sheet

By Jenna Hiller - Reporter


A parent of a Northeast ISD student is the first in San Antonio to review her child's actual STAAR test booklet and answer sheet.

Amy Cline said her mission was to demystify the test.

Many parents believe they are not allowed to see the test. When Cline moved to Texas a few years ago, she heard that she could only see the sample STAAR tests, not her child's actual test.

"I thought it was shocking that I, as a parent, would not be allowed to see what my children are reading and seeing," said Cline.

Emily Cline was a student at Barbara Bush Middle School last year. Amy Cline wanted to know which questions Emily actually missed on her test.

"My daughter did score very well on this exam, and that's not my purpose of looking at it, but I do want to see areas that she can improve on," she said.

While it's not a quick process, the Texas Education Agency said parents and guardians can see the test. One way is through filling out an online form and sending it to TEA. Click here to download the form.

Texas Education Agency

Public Information Coordination Office

5th Floor Room 128

1701 North Congress Ave.

Austin, Texas 78701

The agency said the reason the STAAR test is kept carefully guarded comes down to the sanctity of the test.

A spokesperson for TEA also said a small portion of the questions could show up again.

Cheri Hendrick is the regional testing coordinator for Region 20. She allowed Cline to review Emily's test.

"We maintain test security to maintain the integrity and the validity of the test itself," she said. "I received the shipment of the secure test. I locked them up, made sure the security was maintained."

Hendrick had Cline sign a confidentiality agreement, and instructed her not to take pictures or notes.

"This is my first opportunity, so I'm excited about this afternoon to carry through the process," Hendrick said.

Hendrick also said she, herself, would not be able to see Emily's test.

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