Northside Independent School District Superintendent Brian Woods is proposing a $648.34 million bond for the district.

NISD board members would have to approve the bond in a school bond election.

According to a statement issued by the district, the majority of the bond -- about 55 percent -- would go toward improving existing schools. More than half of NISD's schools are more than 20 years old, including some built in the 1950s and '60s, NISD spokesman Pascual Gonzalez said in the statement.

The bond would also would cover six new schools, including the next new high school in the district.

Trustees are expected to take action at the Board meeting on Jan. 28 beginning at 7 p.m. at 5900 Evers Road. If an election is called, it would be held May 10, 2014.

In addition to building and upgrading school buildings, other portions of the bond would include building "bullet-resistant security lobbies" at 30 elementary schools, buying 129 school buses, building classroom additions, improving technology, rebuilding aging infrastructure, air-conditioning all middle and high school locker rooms, and making significant upgrades to dozens of school cafeterias, libraries and science labs, and fine arts facilities.

The major elements of the proposal are:

  • New Schools -- $274,500,000
  • Future Sites -- $21,250,000
  • Classroom Additions -- $12,000,000
  • Renovations/Reconstruction/Upgrades -- $170,970,000
  • Infrastructure -- $71,840,000
  • Roofing/Waterproofing -- $18,000,000
  • Safety & Security -- $8,280,000
  • Technology -- $47,000,000
  • Transportation -- $15,000,000
  • Bond Issuance & Management -- $9,500,000
  • Total -- $648,340,000