Residents of the Villages of Cinnamon Creek apartments in northwest San Antonio have been without consistent running water since Saturday when water service was shut off due to an emergency repair, according to an email sent to tenants by apartment management.  

"Squalor is the first word that comes to mind," said resident Emma Theroux.

Theroux says water service resumed for a few hours Sunday, but has been shut off again since. "I've been avoiding using my bathroom at home. I've been trekking to the Starbucks about 20 minutes away to get all my beverages and food since I gave up on preparing food in my kitchen since I can't wash dishes," Theroux said.

The leasing office at the Villages is providing residents with gallon jugs of water until 8 p.m. daily. "Just jugs they're handing out to us. Really?" questioned resident Linda Blair as she walked into the office Wednesday. "That's not enough. It's unsanitary."

During KSAT's visit to the property Wednesday, KSAT crews saw a man filling a bucket with water from a fire hydrant.

Theroux has seen the same. She attended a meeting at the apartment leasing office Tuesday evening to address the water issue.

"About 150 people showed up at the tiny leasing office over there," she said. "There was a mother who said 'I can't leave my kids at home, my infant at home, to come on your schedule and pick up water. Why hasn't it been delivered to us?'"

KSAT asked employees of the leasing office about the water problem, but they would not answer any questions and referred us to a corporate representative.

But employees would not provide that representative's name or contact information. Employees added the representative was in San Antonio.

"They're saying over and over again, 'we're doing everything we can to fix this pipe.' But fix the people," said Theroux. "Fix this living situation."

Calls to Trinity Property Consultants were not returned as of Wednesday evening.

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