A lawsuit has been filed against VIA Metro Transit alleging officials with the transit provider violated their contract with the voters.

George Alejos and George Rodriguez are listed as plaintiffs on the lawsuit.

At issue is the Westside Multimodal and Robert Thompson Transit Centers, two hubs where streetcars will eventually pick-up and drop-off passengers.

“The lawsuit is to ensure that VIA does not use the Advanced Transportation District taxes for street car [projects],” Alejos said. "Those funds were not intended for that purpose, and we're going to put a stop to that if we can.”

Voters approved the Advanced Transportation District (ATD) in 2004. Alejos said VIA promised that the money would not be used for light rail or toll roads.

Earlier this year the San Antonio Bexar County Metropolitan Planning Organization board shifted $92 million in funding for the street car program from the ATD to TxDOT, who in turn will give the county $92 million from its Texas Mobility Fund to pay for downtown transportation.

The move was designed to clear up legal questions surrounding the use of ATD money to fund streetcars as opponents argued that light rail and street car were the same thing.

“One of the specific things they were told is that they cannot use those funds, ATD funds, for this purpose,” Alejos said. “Now, nine years later they're using those funds for that purpose.”

VIA officials are aware of the lawsuit, but have not been officially served.

The VIA Board will meet on Tuesday when members are expected to be briefed on the lawsuit.

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