Though the San Antonio City Council has passed that controversial nondiscrimination ordinance, debate on the ordinance appears far from over.

The issue now appears headed to federal court, where opponents say they’ll appeal the council’s ordinance.

“They’ve awakened a sleeping giant in San Antonio,” said Village Parkway Baptist Church Pastor Steven Branson.

Branson was among a large group of the ordinance’s opponents who crowded council chamber for the vote on Thursday.

“I’ve never seen the church -- Catholic and Protestant -- come together like it has,” Branson said. “You’re going to see an uproar in the days to come that will catch the city council by surprise.”

He said plans that he is not at liberty to reveal are already in the works to challenge the ordinance in federal court.

Pastor Charles Flowers also spoke of a court challenge.

“The violation of free speech and the free exercise of conscience and religion are our grounds for seeking relief in the courts,” Flowers said.

Those in support of the ordinance also were on hand for the vote.

They say they’ve expected a court fight all along.

“I think we will prevail. I think it’s already been tested,” said Lauren Farris, a spokesperson for the transgender community.

No date has been announced for the anticipated court action.

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