Parents of children who attend Montgomery Elementary in the Northeast Independent School District are worried after learning that a second-grader allegedly threatened at least one other student on campus with a knife.

The situation was discovered Monday morning before classes began at the school, located in the 7000 block of Montgomery Drive.

Aubrey Chancellor, spokeswoman for Northeast ISD, said letters were sent home with all students Monday afternoon, and parents were also notified of the incident by email.

“I just barely got my letter,” said one woman who didn’t hear about it until she brought her son to school Tuesday morning.  "I freaked out because my son comes here and I don't want anything bad to happen to him.”

The letter stated that a student came forward before classes started Monday morning, telling a teacher about a second-grader who had pulled a knife out of his backpack in the school gym.

“The teacher confiscated the student's backpack, thinking the knife was inside of it,” said Chancellor.  “Unfortunately, before she had time to search the backpack, he had removed that knife and put it inside of his pocket.”

She said the boy then took out the knife and threatened another student.

Chancellor described the weapon as the knife section of a pocket-sized wine opener, somewhat similar to a Swiss Army knife.

The teacher, meanwhile, evacuated other students from the room and called school police to deal with the boy.

“No one was injured, fortunately,” Chancellor said.  “We certainly applaud this teacher's efforts.  She used common sense.  She used quick thinking. "

The school district will not disclose what disciplinary action, if any, will be taken against the boy.

However, Northeast ISD has a zero-tolerance policy against weapons and drugs at its schools.

Chancellor said, in general, consequences for violating the policy can include anything from suspension to expulsion.