Two attacks in almost three weeks. One woman was killed as she was running at O.P. Schnabel Park.

The latest victim was attacked late Friday on the trails and was able to escape a near sexual assault.

"The way I've seen it or thought, if something happens, something is not going to happen for a while and to hear that something happened within a span of three weeks, that's not really good,” said biker ride Rae Folck.

Folck, a frequent visitor to the park, admits she comes alone and finds herself on or off the trails late at night.

News of the latest attack has forced her to start thinking about protection.

"I wouldn't know what to do at that point. So I'll probably bring some form of protection,” said Folck.

Neither attack has a connection. One of the men responsible is already in police custody.

The latest suspect was wearing a ski mask. Police say he also has a spider tattoo on his neck.

Male or female, all visitors agree a bigger police presence could deter the next attacker.

"Just more mountain bike patrols and everyone has a cellphone and if they have a number they can call right away to address the problem,” said runner Gib Hafernick.