A Northwest Side restaurant opened its doors again after an SUV crashed through it on Friday night.

It happened at Piccolo's Ristorante in the 5,700 block of Evers Road.

Police said a parked SUV was pushed through the entrance of Piccolo's Ristorante after a driver of another vehicle in the parking lot accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake.

The driver was taken to the hospital by her husband just as a precaution, but police say no one else in the restaurant was hurt.

Firefighters installed extra support posts to shore up the damaged entrance and employees boarded up the front.

The restaurant was back in business by 5 p.m. on Saturday.

"We're open," said Vilma Napolitan, Piccolo's Ristorante owner. "Business is not hurting. It's just the damage is done. We just have to be patient and wait. Food is good as always. There's a lot of excitement in this place."

Napolitan said they still have to wait get the insurance situated on Monday and that they plan on remodeling.