A victim of graffiti in a neighborhood north of downtown San Antonio said she would like the three people accused of making the mess to clean it up.

Police arrested Albert Ramirez, 19, (pictured); Richard Marin, 21 and Izamari Bustos, 17, early Friday morning on charges of graffiti, causing damage in excess of $1,500.

Mugshots for Marin and Bustos were not immediately available Thursday afternoon.

Sandra Gutierrez, spokeswoman for the San Antonio Police Department, said officers received a report after 1 a.m. about four people -- two males and two females -- spray-painting buildings in the area near McCullough Avenue and E. Evergreen Street.

When they arrived, they found fresh black and white paint on several structures, she said.

It was not clear from the report how the suspects were caught, or why officers arrested only three of them.

By daylight, though, the damage was clear.

Black and white paint covered trash dumpsters, signs and the walls of a coin-operated laundry.

The same types of paintings also were visible on the walls of the Little Taco Factory and La Morenita Fruit Cups, two businesses on McCullough Avenue that are owned by Denise Rodriguez’s parents.

She said she didn’t notice the damage right away.

Rodriguez and her parents had arrived for work while it was still dark outside.

"We get this all the time,” Rodriguez said. "My dad painted it already three times. He paints it over and over and over.”

Most times, she said, the culprits get away, leaving her family to foot the bill for the clean-up.

“I hope they go to jail,” Rodriguez said, after hearing about the arrests.

In addition, she said she also wishes this time around that her parents could get some help from the suspects in covering up the mess.

“Yes, paint our walls,” she said.




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