San Antonio police officers arrested a man Tuesday they believe is connected to a series of car burglaries on the West Side. The suspect was identified as 37-year-old Nicanor Garcia.

Garcia was taken into custody after he was pulled over in a shopping area near Loop 410 and Highway 151.

“We had officers that saw some suspicious activity from a vehicle that was going through several parking lots around the [Loop] 410 and [Highway] 151 area,” said public information officer Sandy Gutierrez. “That’s been a real hot spot for burglary of vehicles or vehicles being broken into.”

Officers said Garcia repeatedly got out of his vehicle, looked through the windows of parked cars, and then get back into his car.

Gutierrez said Garcia would then drive around  to another parking lot and do the same thing.

Officers stopped the man for a traffic violation and noticed several items they believed to be stolen in his car.

“They called the owner of the stolen property, but he didn’t know his vehicle had been broken into,” Gutierrez said. “He looked at his vehicle and says, ‘Yes my vehicle has been broken into and my property is missing.’”

Garcia has been charged with burglary of a vehicle. Another woman in the suspect’s car was also arrested for unrelated outstanding warrants.

Investigators are confident the arrest will put an end to the series of car burglaries in the area.

“We do believe this particular suspect is responsible for several burglaries of vehicles that have happened in this [Loop] 410, [Highway] 151 corridor,” Gutierrez said.

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