A Florida man shot and killed his wife Thursday morning, then posted an apparent confession and picture of her body on Facebook.

Derek Medina drove to the South Miami Police Department and told officers he had killed his wife, police said. Officers then went to a townhouse and found the body of 26-year-old Jennifer Alfonso in the kitchen with multiple gunshot wounds.

Derek Medina Facebook post

Officials say Medina claimed him and Alfonso were in a fight when he went upstairs to his bedroom and got a gun. Medina said he pointed the gun at Alfonso and she left the room.

Medina claims that minutes later, Alfonso returned to the bedroom to tell him that she was leaving him.

Medina said that's when he followed her without the gun and she began punching him.

According to Medina, he went back to the room to rearm himself with the gun, returned to the kitchen where Alfonso was armed with a knife.

He says he got the knife from her, she began punching him again, and that's when he shot the victim.

Medina posted a picture of a body and an apparent confession to his Facebook page (pictured above) about noon Thursday. Neighbors identified pictures of him as the man who lived in the townhouse.

The photo showed a woman wearing black leotards with her knees bent backwards. Blood covered her left cheek and arm. Medina tagged the photo as Alfonso and captioned it "RIP."

"What sick person goes and writes a status about it and says its something they have to do?" said Daysi Fernandez, Alfonso's best friend.

Police haven't confirmed whether Medina made the post nor who the woman was in the picture. Both posts had hundreds of shares by Thursday afternoon.

Alfonso's friends said the 26-year-old had a troubled relationship, but stopped short of saying it was violent.

"She never gave up. She didn't even give up on that marriage when she should have, a long time ago, and tried to walk away."

Charges against Medina, 31, are pending. His Facebook page was removed about five hours after the shooting, and the social networking company issued a statement, saying: "The content was reported to us. We took action on the profile – removing the content and disabling the profile, and we reached out to law enforcement. As we lay out clearly in our terms, we take action on any content that violates our terms or policies."

Neighbors said officers brought a girl covered in a blanket out of the townhouse.

"When they came here, they rushed inside the house and we didn't know nothing was going on and then they carried a little girl out to the car and they were asking her questions," said Oliver Thomas.

South Miami shooting Neighbors added that the man acted like the neighborhood watch captain in the community and carried a concealed weapon.

They painted a picture of a paranoid man who kept his windows covered and had surveillance cameras pointed at his front door.

Medina's paranoia went beyond his home. The 31-year-old wrote a series of e-books with long and bizarre titles that dealt with relationships and his experience with aliens.

"The guy was kind of sketchy, you know, walking around with a gun," said Yoshi Dade. "It's kind of scary. You never know."

Friends said a girl pictured on Medina's Facebook page was his wife's daughter from an earlier marriage. WPLG-TV in Miami was told that daughter is staying with family.