A suspected burglar is in jail and police have their hands on what could be $1 million worth of stolen goods.

Officers Saturday displayed hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen items recovered after the arrest of William C. Robinson.

Police arrested 62-year-old Robinson in December and say he had started up the burglary habit that sent him to jail for six years in 2005.

They say he'd been living in Colorado, and police there say he'd also been busy burglarizing.

Colorado police recovered an estimated $2 million in stolen goods. Much of that came from burglaries reported at homes in Fair Oaks, the Dominion, and other San Antonio area neighborhoods.

SAPD officers showed off items stolen from homes and cars here, and brought back from Colorado where Robinson had allegedly stashed them at his home.

Among those goods was  jewelry, guns, expensive luggage and high-end boots.

Police placed the value at between $600,000 and $1 million.

They say Robinson was out of prison on parole from his 2005 conviction that earned him the nickname "the Spectrum Burglar" because he often hit cars parked at Spectrum Gyms.