A modeling agency that went by the name "Vision" gave San Antonio police an eyeful Thursday.

An undercover officer said he went into the business and was $60 charged to spend 30 minutes in a private room with a woman.

According to the arrest report, the officer said the woman greeted him in lingerie, performed a lap dance on him, then exposed her breast and touched her genitals.

Police raided the business at the 2500 block of N.E. Loop 410 around 3:30 p.m. on Thursday.

They said they saw another "model" topless in a different private room.

The owner/manager of the business, Joe Nathan Giles, was arrested for violating the city's sexually oriented business ordinance. The police report said the law requires:

  • A permit posted at or near the principal public entrance;
  • Employees must be monitored or viewed to regulate their activities;
  • The patrons conduct must be observed by management;
  • An attendant must be stationed at each public entrance to the sexually oriented business at all times during business hours;
  • The business must have a clear glass window in wooden doors to private rooms.

The two "models" who were arrested were identified as Samantha Hernandez and Michelle Lynn Sherrod. Police said they were entertaining in a "semi state of nudity."

Officers seized a laptop, hard drive and a DVD recorder for further investigation.