Doggett details San Antonio agenda

District drawn in 2012 includes Alamo City for first time

Published On: Jan 11 2013 09:04:24 PM CST   Updated On: Jan 11 2013 10:30:00 PM CST

In a historic building downtown, representing an odd shaped district,U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Tx) is putting down San Antonio roots.

"We're here to support San Antonio families," says Doggett.

He even has some of Representative Henry B. Gonzales’ old office furniture. It’s a move behind schedule, because of a little thing called the “fiscal cliff.” Doggett supported the deal, but openly wishes it was a more long-term solution.

"I do think that some of the major challenges that we face in dealing with our debt without wrecking retirement security, that, that's still out there," says Doggett.

Long called a liberal lion, Doggett’s District 35 runs from San Antonio all the way to Austin. A district hit by legislative re-districting and carved up, some say, to make things harder for Doggett to get re-elected,

“Many of the problems of the old Congress, linger in the new one. There are still some folks there that really don’t want to do anything. And trying to reach across the aisle and co-operate to solve the problems our country has, is a real big challenge,” says Doggett.

One of the big challenges in this new Congress has to do with something near and dear to San Antonio, the historic Missions

"It is a great asset to the community, families here love it, but it's also i think a great World Heritage Site," says Doggett.

His District includes every Mission but one. So, he is especially interested in a bill that would expand the Missions National Park by 137 acres - a bill that sat on Capitol Hill for three years now.

"What we have is some near fanatical view that nowhere in the country do we want to see our park system expand," says Doggett.

So from this historic office, the Missions will be part of Doggett’s new mission, along with adequately funding the military bases, and making sure the causes of this odd shaped district, are heard in congress.

"Really reflecting the strengths of San Antonio in the diversity of the district," says Doggett.

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