Halloween is in a few weeks, and coincidentally, so are the presidential elections. 

With the two events coinciding so closely this year, costume shops around the city are making sure to have plenty of political-themed costumes in stock.

Julie Keck, owner of Starline Costumes on Bandera Road, said politicians and politics will be popular costumes this year.

“I think Romney is selling more. Obama has sold a few,” said Keck. “I will say right now that probably JFK sells more than either one of these guys put together. He's just a big seller, I don't know why.”

And while many have their opinion on who won the first presidential debate, employees say it’s Romney who is moving more merchandise.

“I've had a few people ask for Romney,” said employee Amanda Staples. “I'm not exactly sure what they're doing with it, but I've had a few people ask for him.”

And even though he was a hot topic at Wednesday’s debate, one things people aren't renting is Big Bird costumes.

“We have a big yellow bird, said Keck. “But not a lot of calls yet.”