School voucher bill headed to full Texas Senate

Businesses would get tax credits for establishing scholarships

Published On: Apr 11 2013 04:31:28 PM CDT   Updated On: Apr 11 2013 04:45:00 PM CDT
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AUSTIN, Texas -

A high-profile push for school vouchers statewide is headed to the full Texas Senate.

The Senate Education Committee approved Senate Bill 23 on Thursday, opening the door for floor debate.

It offers tax credits to businesses that establish scholarships helping low-income students leave poor-performing public schools for private or religious ones.

But an amendment by Brownsville Democratic Sen. Eddie Lucio now means that, to qualify for scholarships, children have to be at-risk of dropping out of school and come from low-income families.

The bill originally allowed at-risk or low-income students to qualify.

It'll surely spark fierce discussion in the Senate. Opponents say the plan drains money from already cash-strapped public schools.

And the House has already passed a resolution stating that public money should be spent only on public schools.