Republican challenger Susan Pamerleau defeated Democratic incumbent Amadeo Ortiz to become first female elected sheriff in Bexar County. Ortiz conceded just before 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday night.

In the lead-up to the election, Pamerleau (pictured) touted her record as a retired Air Force major general and her work at USAA as giving her the leadership skills needed to run the sheriff’s department.

She ran on a three-point plan, covering people, operations and resources.

"There are great deputies in our sheriff's office and I know they are behind me and ready to go to work and do the things that they do so well and that is protecting this community and keeping us all safe," Pamerleau said Tuesday night.

Ortiz has been the sheriff for the past four years and openly called up on his experience and track record while campaigning.

Pamerleau questioned that record, citing the presence of drugs in the jail, erroneous inmate releases, the controversial new sub-stations and the death of police dogs.