Tuesday night, September 4 

Mayor Castro’s speech was absolutely incredible.

He did a number of amazing things in the short time he had to speak to the Democratic National Convention.

To begin, I think Mayor Castro painted a very accurate picture of families in America. I’ve heard him speak before about his grandmother and mother fighting to give their children stability. It’s an incredibly touching story, and one that many Americans can relate to.

Some Americans, as Mayor Castro pointed out, were born with the ability to borrow the money they need from their parents. That’s fantastic, truly. But that is not the reality for a majority of students in the United States. It’s important that voters in this election understand that there are candidates who are not career politicians and who actually relate to everyday problems.

Most importantly, Mayor Castro emphasized equal treatment. He and his brother both speak about creating an infrastructure of opportunity: from improving Pre-K programs in San Antonio to working with students at Cafe College.

One of his best lines was, “We know that you can’t be pro business without being pro education.” In other words, private investments will be useless without a substantial and stable workforce.

Creating opportunities today will foster prosperity tomorrow.

Editor's Note: Hannah Beck is the President of the UTSA College Democrats, and is working as a volunteer for the Democratic National Convention.