KSAT-12 reached out to Ken Cope's campaign for a statement Friday. His response follows:

I believe (Cornyn) is a failed leader. We’ve had several opportunities where he has demonstrated that – the nine time vote for basically the increase for the national debt has been a significant challenge for Texans to be able to accept. There are numerous other opportunities where he has failed as leadership. You can look at the cloture vote on Obamacare in which they were trying to suspend the financing and so on. His lack of leadership in bringing the coalition in the senate caucus together where he is supposed to be the cohesive force within that coalition he’s been the divisive force. Then he stands up with his junior senator and has an open disagreement with him in regards to how he’s going to vote tactically, turns around and says that he disagrees with the tactic of closing down the government short term and then 30 days later as the vote for the national debt increase comes along that’s exactly what he votes for. That’s called hypocrisy.

Twelve years in the United States Senate on the immigration committee and he has watched immigration go from a social problem to a national defense issue on the border. And he’s done nothing. He’s been basically just warming the seat and not standing up and fighting for Texans.

When you look at the leadership example, leaders lead by example and they do the right thing for the right reasons. When you look at the campaign finance, it’s been legal for him to accept over $10 million for the last six years even though there was not a campaign underway and he had no competitors. He did accept that money, that smells funny to Texans. As a ex-military procurement officer and I did have 27 years – I’m a retired lieutenant colonel in the United States Army – and a business executive with 28 years of experience, just the mere impression of impropriety was enough for me to be disciplined and discharged from the position. We don’t hold that same standard to our politicians and we should because it absolutely looks inappropriate. It’s the flow of money coming in and out of candidates’ accounts that makes it look absolutely inappropriate.

So there’s numerous cases of failure of leadership on Senator Cornyn’s part that has brought me to the race.

I got into this because my experience and background, when you look at the – from the educational backgrounds of all the candidates, mine kind of stands heads and shoulders from international corporate business negotiating billions of dollars of major aerospace contracts to bringing contract work into Texas. I’m not a lawyer, I’m not a judge but I do understand contractual language. With my military experience, it far surpasses the other candidates. We have several that are good men and one lady that, I believe she’s still running I do not know, but she is an attorney. When you look at the full package of what’s needed to go sustain and function in the way that Texans are expecting a Senator to function in the United States government and Washington, I’ve got the full package, where I don’t believe that is available to the others. We do have a sitting congressman (in the race), but he’s become more of an embarrassment to Texans and republicans. We need someone who’s not just doing antics. This is a serious job being in the United States Senate. I believe I have the serious credentials and the business background and the government background to be able to do that where the others do not.

You can learn more about Ken Cope here.