U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX 21):

“Our economy can only grow if we work together to lower taxes, limit burdensome regulations, cut spending and reduce the national debt. Instead, the Obama Administration has pursued a partisan agenda that ignores what’s best for hardworking American families.

“This is the wrong time to raise the minimum wage and make it more expensive for employers to hire workers. The economy is still weak and there are three unemployed Americans for every job opening. Let’s focus on getting Americans back to work.

“The President’s immigration policies are anti-American since they help non-citizens but hurt U.S. citizens. The President wants to give work permits to millions of illegal immigrants who then will compete with unemployed Americans for scarce jobs. Ten million Americans are unemployed and millions more have given up looking for work –we should put them first.”

U.S. Rep. Pete Gallego (D-TX 23):

“I was encouraged to hear a call to action. Increasing economic opportunity for the unemployed, improving our schools, and supporting both our active duty military and veterans - all of these things are critical for our future.  More than at any other point in recent history, both Democrats and Republicans must understand that action requires more public service and less partisan politics. It is tragic for our kids and their future that Congress cannot come to an agreement on important issues.

“As a small town boy from West Texas, my parents taught me more about right and wrong than Democrats and Republicans. That approach of working with everyone, regardless of party, has served me well in the House of Representatives in the short time I have been here.  There are many issues facing Congress, but I know that our country’s strengths always outweigh the challenges we face.

“Washington doesn't need more anger.  It needs more adults in the room.  I’ve tried to be one of those adults.  I came to Congress just over a year ago with 69 other freshmen. Our class has already begun to change the way business is done here.

“In recent weeks, both Republicans and Democrats have started working together on important things like a budget that will help prevent future government shutdowns in the short term and create more certainty than any other time in recent years.

“In the coming year, as we continue work to boost our economy, we must fight to reverse sequestration and its harmful effects on our national security.

“A call to action requires us to take steps forward, and we must do so together.  Though trust is lacking, our courage must not fail us.  If we fail today to grow the bipartisan momentum developed over recent weeks, we will miss a critical opportunity.  To move the ball down the field, we all have to play on the same team.

“I will continue to play on the right team – America’s team.”

Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX):

“We didn’t hear much tonight from President Obama that we haven’t before, other than his intention to expand his own powers by bypassing Congress altogether. The strength of our Union is in our states, not Washington, and Texas has shown that the way to economic prosperity and significant job growth is through individual freedoms and the free market. Tonight, we saw a president with the same old agenda and no real idea on how to govern. Americans expect and deserve more from a president than continually broken promises and unfunded platitudes.”

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (R-TX):

"With his State of the Union address this evening, President Obama has once again shown he has no grasp of real-world economics, " said Dewhurst. "Rather than further increase the tax and regulatory burden on job creators as he proposed, he should take a page out of the playbook for the Texas Miracle and cut taxes, slash spending, and reduce the regulations that kill jobs. The falling Texas unemployment rate in last week's jobs report is further proof that our fiscally conservative approach works and should be adopted at the national level."

Congressman Lloyd Doggett (D-San Antonio):

"Trying to make progress in Washington has been like driving on icy roads—next to impossible. House Republicans regularly turn a cold shoulder to most anything proposed by our President. And they have blamed him for most everything but the polar vortex. I commend the President’s efforts to bypass Republican inaction and take the initiative on creating more jobs and raising the minimum wage at least for some."