February 20, 2014

TO: Greg Abbott Campaign for Governor
502 East 11th Street, 3rd Floor, Austin, TX 78701

Attorney General Greg Abbott,

A little over a week ago in Dallas you announced plans that included steps you said will protect women in Texas from sexual trafficking.

Yet, this week you campaigned with someone who has admitted to trying to gain the confidence of parents in pursuit of sexual relations with their young daughters.

We are all parents, husbands, or uncles. Many of us have daughters. As any parent knows, our first obligation is protecting our children from the harm others can do. We strive every day to make sure they associate with the right people and avoid those who risk harm or can influence them negatively.

Your association with Ted Nugent, given his history, is appalling to us. It provides an insight into the values that you will have as Governor of Texas, and it is an insight we find frightening.

We call on you to condemn him. You cannot change the fact that he's called you his "blood brother." But, hopefully you now have had time to read his ugly and vile remarks about women, aspiring immigrants and his admitted activities as a child predator.

As elected and community leaders, we have a duty to speak out for our families and all the Texas families we represent. Your appearance with Mr. Nugent offends the men, women, brothers, and husbands of Texas.

You have underestimated Texan's resolve to speak out against your blatant disregard for Texas values. Your refusal to condemn Nugent, and your insistence to appear alongside him multiple times in public, reflects on your lack of judgment and character.

In light of this growing controversy, we respectfully request that you fully review the facts of Ted Nugent's controversial past and apologize to the people of Texas for embracing him.


Representative Roberto Alonzo
Texas House District 104

Representative Rafael Anchia
Texas House District 103

Representative Lon Burnam
Texas House District 90

Representative Joe Farias
Texas House District 118

Representative Poncho Nevárez
Texas House District 74

Representative Chris Turner
Chair, House Democratic Caucus
Texas House District 101

Representative Armando Walle
Texas House District 140