Popped chips marketed as healthy snack

Consumer Reports crunches nutritional numbers

Author: Marilyn Moritz, Reporter, mmoritz@ksat.com
Published On: Oct 17 2013 03:57:00 PM CDT   Updated On: Oct 17 2013 05:49:01 PM CDT

Celebrities like Katy Perry and Bruno Mars are pitching popped chips, the latest snack craze and alternative to fried snacks.  

To find out just how healthy they are, Consumer Reports crunched the nutritional data.

"The clear message is that these popped snacks are more healthful, but we wondered if they really are," said Consumer Reports' Amy Keating.

Popped snacks are made of corn, rice, potato, chickpeas or a mix of those. Rather than fried, most are heated and pressurized until they pop.

Consumer Reports checked the nutrition on 12 different popped chips and found a mixed bag.

Most have fewer than 130 calories and four grams of fat per serving. That's more than Baked Lays. It's also more than Quaker Salt-Free Rice Cakes, which have no fat and only 35 calories.
"It's all relative," Keating said. "Popped chips have less than half the fat of several other snacks we looked at including Cheese Puffs, Doritos, regular Lays and even Wise Butter Air-Popped popcorn."

If you want to snack on popped chips, Consumer Reports suggests trying the hummus popped snacks for an extra pop of fiber.