POTH, Texas -

A Poth police officer received special recognition Monday night for his heroic efforts last December when San Antonio Police Officer Robert Deckard was shot and killed by two accused robbery suspects.

Officer R.J. Sanchez, a 4-year-veteran of the Poth Police Department, was at the end of his shift, when he heard the suspects had been involved in a chase and headed toward his city. 

With Sanchez in pursuit, the suspects pulled over along Highway 181 South and opened fire. Sanchez fired back as the suspects ran across the highway.  

The suspects later identified as Shawn Ruiz Puente, 32, and Jenevieve Ramos, 28, (pictured below) were caught shortly after their run in with Officer Sanchez.

Both are charged with capital murder and aggravated assault in the shooting death of Deckard.

Sanchez said doesn't see himself as a hero, but just an officer doing his job. He said on that day, he did what he was always trained to do.

"Honestly, I don't have any second doubts or any second judgments about what I did that night and during that night there wasn't any time to think, the training just kicked in and it happened so quick and so fast. I didn't feel any  emotion whatsoever," said Sanchez.

"Knowing what I know about the case, I do believe he is a hero, that's why I'm doing what I'm doing for him (Monday night), because he is a hero," said Poth Police Chief Lowell Hull. 

Sanchez said he appreciates the commendation, but knowing the robbery suspects are behind bars is good enough for him. “The ultimate feeling is that they got caught and they're off the streets. That's my reward," said Sanchez.

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