Sheriff's deputies in Florida have charged a pregnant woman with aggravated battery after they say she attacked her roommate during an argument over butter.

Jennifer Feagley, 24, who is six months pregnant, was arrested Tuesday night.

Sheriff's deputies in Volusia County, Fla. said Feagley became agitated when her roommate asked her why she put butter on the stove and then hit her roommate in the head.

Feagley then punched her roommate in the chest, choked her and hit her with a cane, according to the report.

Feagley claimed her rage was due to hormones from her pregnancy and she is diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, but hasn't been taking her medication during her pregnancy.

Feagley was booked into the Volusia County Jail on battery charges.

Information obtained by KSAT sister station WKMG in Orlando, Fla.