San Antonio police and the Northeast Independent School District Police Department are on the look out for a suspicious van after a middle school student was followed home near Bitters and Blanco roads Tuesday after school.

Northeast ISD school officials say a seventh grader coming home from Bradley Middle School had just gotten off the bus near Top Rail and Partridge Trail when she noticed someone in an unmarked white van following her.

The girl ran to her house and locked the door behind her, but whoever was following her, got out of the van and tried to open the front door.

"He could have broken into her house," said Kimberly Vera, a parent at Bradley Middle School. "He could have done harm. She's a latch key kid. It's very scary."

The student immediately called her parents and her parents contacted the school.

"This obviously is a serious situation, very upsetting for the little girl," said Aubrey Chancellor, a spokeswoman with NEISD. "She is okay and she's doing well. She did the right thing. So, we certainly applaud her for doing the right thing and keeping her head in the situation."

The NEISD Police Department is investigating the incident and they are increasing patrol in that area.

KSAT Crime Analyst Eddie Gonzales also said this student did the right thing, not only by being aware of her surroundings, but also by running away.

"If something like this does happen, of course the first thing to do is to try to get away from this individual or the vehicle if you can run to a house or make it to your own house. If you can't, if there's one in close proximity, if there's a house along the way you can get to, knock on the door, tell them you need help, tell them to call police," Gonzales said.

Gonzales said you can also try to flag someone down that may be driving by at the time.

Bradley Middle School administrators sent home a letter to inform parents about the incident and to encourage then to talk to their kids about keeping safe when waking home.