For the past 17 years, Catholic Charities' "Project Cool" program has been helping the elderly and disabled in the Alamo City.

The Guadalupe Community Center near downtown has already given out more than 7,000 fans just this summer.

Estre Geffre, the director of the Guadalupe Center, said, "I don't want them to be embarrassed. I want them to come over pick up a fan and use it."

She said senior citizens and the disabled can pick a free fan so they can stay cool during these triple-digit summer days.

"Many of our families do not want  to turn on their air conditioner if they have air conditioning because they're fearful of the high utility bill, so they'd rather use the fans," said Geffre.

Right now, the community center has close 200 fans, thanks to the generous donations of local businesses around the city. 

So far this summer, the center has given out about 25 fans per day.

Geffre is afraid if some people didn't have access to this program, people would suffer from this record breaking heat.

"It is a good impact because they have a fan, they have some source of air of getting cool -- otherwise they wouldn't have that," said Geffre.

Seniors 60 or over can pick up a fan or those with a disability. To qualify, all you need is an ID or proof that you're eligible.

The Project Cool program started in June and will run through mid-September. 

At the Guadalupe Community Center near downtown, they say they may extend the program depending on just how long this heat wave will last. 

If you’re interested in receiving a fan, call 211 and ask for Project Cool.

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